Tration Market
Tration Market is the biggest market in the known universe. Never closing, never sleeping. Anything can be bought in Tration Market, although for certain items you'll need to know the right people to pay the right price to. Officially the market is divided into two sections or zones. The Inside Zone and Outside Zone. However, the people of Tration Prime divide the Market into multiple districts, each with its own distinct character and feeling. Although names and character are largely determined by the goods sold in an area, sometimes historical events or nearby landscapes can influence district names. The Inside Market Spices in a Cairo market Stalls here are protected from the fierce heat of the twin Suns. Although the name suggests the inside market is restricted to a single area or building, it merges perfectly with the Outside Market. Shelter for stall holders can be found inside old theatres or meeting halls. Records show experiments were carried out during the middle Regency years to form permanent tented structures making it safe fully open the Outside Market. But even the heaviest cloth was not able to withstand the Sunmerge times and countless stall holders were severely injured as they waited for customers. It is impossible to travel outside during the Sunmerge time. So the buildings housing the Inside Market all have refreshment areas, these are required by law. Bigger market spaces have entertainment areas and places. The Outside Market Outdoor Market Forced to close during the Sunmerge times from necessity and during the deep twilight by Regency regulations the outside market tends to sell goods and services that won't be damaged in the fierce Tration heat. Occasionally a new stall holder will sell perishable goods in the Outside Market, but these rare souls will move on quickly, either finding a pitch inside or going out of business entirely. Portal Hubs Each area, or district has a Portal Hub. These are controlled by the Pathin Order and are the only way goods and raw materials can travel into the Market. Each shipment is carefully checked to make sure that contraband or prohibited materials don't enter into general circulation. Making smuggling impossible. Lately the Regency advisers have become frustrated that prohibited items are being found in the general population. Advisers who raise their concerns in public have since disappeared. Stall holders have to collect their stock directly from the nominated Portal Hub. Certain traders are allowed to export products from Tration Prime to the rest of the Empire. However, this privilege is strictly controlled and can be revoked at anytime. The Hidden Market. In the years after the Sun Splitting rumours started about tunnels underneath the city. Rumour turned into legend, and with water scarce, soon nobody believed there were once tunnels to wash away waste. In more recent times a new rumour started, and spoke of a Hidden Market deep under the city, safe from Pathin Monks and restrictions of trade. Nobody knows if the Hidden Market is real, nor what is sold there. I hope you've enjoyed this short visit to the Tration Market. Next week's post will be about The Guild.