Travel Sketches!
Hi guys! I'm finally back from gallivanting abroad for Thought Bubble and a wee excursion afterwards to Glasgow. Since I'm not the best at documenting my trip WHILE I'm on the trip (sometimes when I'm on a plane I want to forget I'm on a plane, instead of writing and drawing) I wanted to post a few of the sketches I managed to make while out and about. It's pretty much just a hodge-podge of observations, memories, and drawing my traveling companions, but fun to see if I can actually make sense of anything while I'm on the road! Thought Bubble was WONDERFUL - super welcoming and in a great space (gluten free pizza and good coffee right around the corner, haaaay) and I definitely want to go back with more things. I was chicken to bring too many books this time, so I showed off by telling everyone I "sold out" early the second day - and by "sold out" I meant of allll 10 books. :) Glasgow I'm DYING to go back to, since 2 1/2 days doesn't really count in soaking up enough Scottish accents. Our cabbie on arrival said to us "I wish you all the weather, but I think yer FOOKED" and I never wanted to leave. Sigh.

Hopefully more post-travel sketches to come!  

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