Traveling Bard's Tale - History

Enjoy this public post as a preview of what to expect as the Bard's Squire!

The DOTS Guild came to life with the dedication of two fearless adventurers, two brothers. Coming from humble beginnings, they faced great hardships

Dayne the Fighter and Jacques the Cleric

 As brothers in arms, they left to quest.

“D” and “Jack” visited a small town

That held an annual fest.

But scaly and red, a dragon came;

It tormented and singed the vast scape.

The people were scared, helpless peasants;

They just could not quite escape.

So Jack and D went up the mountain

To slay the red dragon in its nest.

And this tale of fighting would go down

As one of my very best.

For our heroes, Jack and D struck first,

And the dragon snapped its mighty jaw.

It rose from its rest and stomped toward them,

Slashing with its mighty claw.

Jack sprung away, but D was hurting;

He was cut across from ear to ear.

The dragon breathed deep, preparing breath

And Jack was filled with such fear.

Jack couldn’t make it in time to help.

He was knocked far away from the fight.

And now the dragon had one more puff,

Killing with fire so bright

A purple-yellow hatchling appeared

With a glowing green orb in its claws.

The dragon stopped; the hatchling shielded.

With a pulse of purple it protected D, hurrah!

Jack ran up and struck with his hammer,

Hitting the red dragon in its side.

Light magic burst, sent the dragon down,

But only dented its hide.

The hatchling scattered; D was still hurt

So Jack cast a spell - a mighty heal.

It closed up the raw wound, stopped the blood.

D reached with his hands to feel.

D found his axe and listened closely;

He could hear the evil red dragon move.

The dragon lunged for D with its jaw;

Now D had something to prove.

Then D waited for the jaw to snap

Like the closing of an iron door.

Then he jumped from its bite just in time, 

The axe where it was before.

The dragon’s jaw snapped down; the axe cut,

The roof of the dragon’s mouth now torn.

It screeched in pain, took off with a roar

It was wounded - filled with scorn.

D collapsed down after his attack, 

He was now kneeling down on the floor.

Jack shot a spell after the dragon

But could not settle the score.

The dragon escaped; Jack checked on D.

D’s eyes were still so ripped up and bruised.

Jack healed more, but D was too damaged,

The skin was swollen and fused.

They climbed back down the mountain to town,

The dragon hatchling leading the way.

It helped guide the pair to the village;

They were all heroes that day.

So here the tale ends, but only for now.

This story has only just begun.

Jack and D, now retired heroes

Still like to have their fun.

With the hatchling, they now guide others,

Giving out quests for glory untold.

With Jacques the Cleric and Dayne the Fighter,

We can watch the story unfold.

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