Traveling with Rubber Duckies

All our friends know we have two rubber ducks that travel with us everywhere. 

It all started, when Hubby and I traveled to London (been there many times - we like London a lot). I think we were there to visit the art gallery that had my horse paintings exhibited. Not quite sure as we traveled to London so often.

I love aquariums - if there is one where ever we travel, I want to go and see it. And so we were at the London Aquarium one fine day. Afterwards we walked out of there - and the exit was through the gift shop (of course - the logical place to catch the tourist’s money). And there it was - bucket full of little yellow rubber ducks.

Now I had always wanted to have a bath duck but never did. Don’t ask me why, I just never got one. 

And now, when I saw the duckies, I just knew I had to get one. I picked one up. I swear it appeared to looking back at the bucket. I understood.

“You’d be lonely on your own, wouldn’t you?” I asked.

Hubby shook his head, but used to the strange behavior of a creative person, just smiled while I took another rubber duck from the bucket.

We took the first pictures of the duckies with Westminster Abbey as the background. And ever since that day the duckies have traveled with us on all our holiday trips. We take pictures of them against the sights of the place - they’ve even been in the same picture with the Pope. Well, he was just a white speck at the distance at St Peter’s Square. He was blessing objects people brought to him. For a while I was tempted to see what his reaction would be to two yellow rubber ducks, but there were too many people on the square and behind me were two gorgeous police horses. So I turned to socialize with the horses instead. (Yes, I love horses, and the carabinier did not arrest me for talking to his horse. Hubby was already prepared to plead to my insanity in case of arrest, but the policeman seemed to be amused enough to let me walk away.)

We’ve had our share of head shakes and smiles when we photograph the duckies. Only once a mother hurried to drag her child away. That is when we were taking a photo of the bathducks swimming in a fountain in front of Columbus House in the Canary Islands. The little child was mesemerized at the sight of the bright yellow ducks bobbing on the water, but the mother clearly thought we were one card shy of a full deck and decided to take her offspring to safety.

Our rubber ducks now have a home on top of our shower. Other duckies have joined them since. People have gifted us with rubber ducks. We even have two glass rubber duck Christmas tree ornaments. Tea sieves in the shape of ducks. Two Swarowski ducks. And “ordinary” rubber ducks. Also the old baby Donald Duck I saved from a flea market.

The last trip abroad with the duckies was in November-December of 2018. Attached is a picture of a book reading I had at the American University in Cairo bookstore for my book “Tutankhamun in my own hieroglyphs”. I took the duckies from my bag first and placed them on the table. That sure got the attention of the young audience. 

And their names? Jack and Jones. (Well Jones has a Finnish name originally, but as that is quite unpronounceable to anyone else but a Finn, I gave him an English name too.

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