Traveling with the Surface 4
Hey! I meant to post this the other day when I was showing the inks for all the buildings and wreckage on the bottom panel, but here's the tank that was hidden in the mess of lines:

Below: you can see where I stole the images I've been working on and "re-purposed them" for the big chapter splash page (far left). If you look carefully, you can also see where the pages I've been working on (far right) are now on the far right rather than in the middle! Sometimes my pages in Manga Studio get moved out of order, and I spend WAY more time than I should, trying to put them back in order. I finally fixed this, but it was driving me crazy for a while.

The middle pages (above) are some sketches I did while I was waiting for a friend at her hospital appointment.  I have now been working exclusively on the Surface Pro 4, and I have to say, I love it! Flaws and all!

Here's a close up of the sketches I did while away from my desk:

I'm still getting use to working directly on the Surface, rather than on the Cintiq. I wasn't able to get any sort of fine pencil details that I felt comfortable with, but I really liked how natural it felt to lay down tones of grey. I don't know that I'll always work in shape/tones, when doing layout, but I was pleased by how natural it felt to do so for these pages. I'll go in and added more fine pencil details (maybe?) or I might just go right into inking (most likely.)

I still prefer the Cintiq for working on artwork, but the freedom to leave my desk and still get work done is like a dream come true!

Above: I started inking the rioters for the page you've been watching me put together for AGES. This took a while. Even though I copied and pasted some of the pencils to get the body shapes done, I still inked in almost all of the faces to be unique.

After I finished with the rioters, I copied the inks and placed them on the bottom of the splash page (below.) I then had to come up with slogans for the rioters. Turns out I'm SUPER BAD at slogans. Which, doesn't really surprise me.

I also have another project I'm working on as well that I can't wait to share with you all (I have a couple of new projects, to be honest. I need to work faster! FASTER!) I have to send some images in to touch base tomorrow, which means I'll probably have an update sooner, rather than later, on it!

Egads, and it's February already, so I need to get y'all some pdfs!

Okay, I have to go draw like the lightning fast drawer that I am!