If you’ve been listening to the government and the LIBERAL MEDIA then you probably believe what most people believe: that Travis isn’t real, has never been real, and will never have a significant effect on US foreign policy. YOU ARE BEING LIED TO. Travis is more than a mere rumor – Travis is a state-sponsored cryptofascist intelligence asset in the pay of rogue CIA plutocrats hell-bent on strangling our FREEDOMS and controlling our WEATHER. Riddle me this, sheeple: if Travis doesn’t exist, then why does a simple search of the Milwaukee Yellow Pages turn up EIGHTEEN RESULTS FOR TRAVIS? 

Still not convinced, babies? In the heavily paraphrased words of one of history’s

greatest whistleblowers: Follow the money. Cory O’Brien, owner and proprietor

of the internet myths humor website BETTERMYTHS.COM receives a monthly

contribution of FIFTY AMERICAN DOLLARS from someone named … yes, you guessed it … TRAVIS. As Socrates once said, “QED.” Whoever our presidential candidates turn out to be in 2016, we need to make sure we ask them the tough questions, like “WHO IS TRAVIS” and “WHO, REALLY, IS TRAVIS.” I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to spend another 4 to 8 years under the oppressive yoke of the Travis Lobby.