Treant Council's first Meeting - Custom Minis Are Available
In our Flat Plastic Miniatures 2 Campaign last year, we tried something crazy. We told everyone on the internet (not just our backers) if they tweeted a photo for reference, and a few sentences description of their desires, we would make tons of "custom" FPM miniatures.

During the campaign's stretch goals, we promised between 80-96 custom piece slots, and started plucking from our suggestions and Archmage backers.

However, some of those slots we had hypothetically filled are invalid, or their commission is simply "do whatever you want" - and now that we begin creating these customs we appear to have some extra slots available.

So, my Treant Council, for our first meeting I would like to offer you the opportunity to chose whatever miniatures you would like created.

For example, please note a 'Jack Burton' look-alike that I had personally requested because of a funny Facebook comment years ago.

Custom Minis are still often Fantasy, but this is clearly the place for irregular, irreverent, rare and unusual minis to come from, as well as minis from other genres - particularly those that match the FPM2 packs (Tiefling, Dragonborn, Pirates, Spacefarers, Cyberpunks)

We have requests from "Please turn me into a miniature" with a picture of a fan, to "Please create a warhammer 40k Dwarf with Machine Gun and give him cybernetic Doctor Octopus arms"


(This post will become public in 15 days, but the offer to consume custom slots may not be)

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