Tremis Dynamics Pistol Qualification


The Tremis Dynamics Pistol Qualification is complete. I spent the day at the range adjusting times and distances from self-evaluations, student feedback, and typical range considerations. I didn't want it to be very "stuff" intensive. But I also knew it wasn't going to just be a shooting skills evaluation.

There are 7 evolutions, 2 of them are two-part (either hand only), so you could call it 9 scored evolutions. All of them are Pass/Fail. Both accuracy and movement are measured. 9 passes are required to pass the Qualification.

Timers are not set with a second beep. Just shoot it and then read the timer to see if you made it. 40 rounds minimum (yes, you can make up shots) A range that is 10 yards wide by 20 yards long, a dummy round, a flashlight and cover garment. Some way to measure distances. I used a tape measure and set cones on the ground at the applicable locations. It is meant to be shot on a shoot steel cardboard target but a USPSA target with only the top half of the A box counting for the heart can be used as well.

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