Tremolo, chapter 6: Cell
Chapter 6 is now available to read here! After reading, please vote in this poll with your choice of which door they should open first.


The poll will close in 7 days at 12:00 PM CDT on Thursday, May 31st. I will send out reminder messages at the halfway point and when there are about 24 hours left.

The poll breakdown will be made available to those in the Gold Tier and/or pledging at least $15.

If you wish to utilize the save feature, somebody has to comment with SAVE and then at least 6 other patrons have to like (or reply in the affirmative to) that comment in order for it to count as a majority decision. 7 people is the minimum required for a majority vote. As a reminder, save slots are erased at the start of the each month.


The plot is thickening...! I recently created an outline for the entire story so I have a better idea of where we are now. We're progressing smoothly, but there's still lots of secrets to be shared. I hope you like this chapter!

Deep blue door.

Pitch black door.

Golden yellow door.

Let Severin decide.

12 votes total

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