Trevor Day Missions pack [Build a Mission] 2.0
Trevor is out of town, and he needs someone to take care of his daily routine for a day, no questions asked

Missions list:
06:00 Jimmy's bike
07:00 My friend is a special kind
08:00 Faggio club
08:30 Find Ron
09:00 Kill all mimes
09:30 TP Enterprises acquisition
10:00 Kill the traitors
10:30 Take down that plane
11:00 In truck with Lester
11:30 Military secrets (s)
12:00 Cargo stuff
13:00 Biker territorial war
14:30 Wade helicopters mess
15:00 Time to fly
16:00 Assault Zancudo
17:00 New toy
17:30 Jimmy made a mess
18:00 Perverts at Vanilla Unicorn
18:30 Fast job (s)
19:00 Rescue Michael
20:00 Steal a plane
21:00 Bring the girls to Hugh
22:00 Protect Tracy
22:30 Down the river
23:00 Get the package
23:30 Strip unfair competition
24:00 Do not let them go  

For missions with the (s), check the file special_instructions.txt

Play with Franklin, to give sense to story. Star with 0600 then 0700, 0800 etc.

you need to build-a-mission
After you install build-a-mission extract the archive and copy it into the root folder of gta 5

Try also: Michael Day Missions Pack

New missions pack: Hangover missions pack

Added new missions (on the half hour, eg. 8:30)
Added missions titles
Updated all missions with kill_actor to work with the latest version of BAM
Tested combined missions BAM + MapEditor

It is absolutely not a finished work. I wanted to learn/try  build-a-mission I made just some missions to make sense of the thing  while doing the test.

Are the result of 3-4 working days, some mission are long, others  short, some hard, some easy, others stupid, but they are all playable.

Try them and let me know what you think and if they work.

Sorry for the bad English, I often use the translators ... in the case send me corrections