"Trials, Tribulations" Bonus Track for June

 Yes, dear friends, brethren, sisteren, I have decided to put this track up for public listening, just because. Lend us your ears, you can have 'em back right after.

Here are the words, so you can follow along.


Everything slows, nothing is predicted
in those soaked modernities of whirlwind
like pollution in wintry eyes
we see that the whole world is a dark, insulating cocoon
a vast, silent, and unknowable infinity 

a dark hole in the mind. 

But in the next generation, the world becomes more beautiful, more alive. 

As time
stamps it out every day
all things become more alive. 

Everything slows, nothing is predicted   

I saw, after the tsunami
and the fire 

after the great flood
and the earthquake 

after my life 

I had this vision
from the past
In the future I will look back to this time

To the very ends of the universe

Then be still.

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