Trick or Treat?
When I was small, there was no special event on Halloween in my living place. When I heard that there is a night that children can knock someone's door and get some candy, I thought that it must be a great festival (Yes... I am a simple person since I was a kid :) ).

Now, there are some special events on Halloween but no children will knock people's door. So, I drew something this week to knock your door...

Trick or Treat? :D

Thank you and see you later.

(Chinese version)

在我年幼時,我住的地方在萬聖節時大家都沒有什麼特別的活動,當我聽到在某一晚小朋友可以敲別人的門去拿糖果時,我覺得這節日一定非常棒...是的,我從小就是一個簡單的人 :) 。


不給糖果就搗蛋! :D