Tricking w/Nolan Culver - By Alex Crawford
 In skateboarding, the basic concept that skaters judge themselves and other skaters by is a concept called *tricking. Now, this is similar but is NOT the same as "tricking" like your favorite prostitute on Western and Santa Monica, but there are some interesting parallels.   Let me explain.   Tricking in skateboarding is maneuvering said skateboard in increasingly complex ways, a skateboard to skaters is what genitalia is to prostitutes. Each prostitute has their own way of manipulating genitalia in their own specific way. Specific to their unique background and experience. The same is true to skaters. Also like skaters, prostitutes aren’t hitting the most complex genitalia manipulation right off the bat. It takes a while to find their own taste and expression. To the unexperienced it may be difficult to appreciate the subtleties of genitalia manipulation or tricking of a well versed prostitute. The exact same principles apply to skateboarding.  If I were to describe Nolan Culver as a prostitute he would be a veteran hooker with 17 years experience and without any long term std’s (aka injuries). I would describe his style of genitalia fondling as technical, clean, well cultured, and fun to watch. If you were looking for a reliable and experienced prostitute to trick with it would definitely be Nolan Culver. I have been tricking with Nolan off and on since I was seventeen years old and I keep coming back for more.   Here’s to many more years of tricking!  -Alex  *Skaters don't really call it tricking. They call it "skating" ya KOOK.