A Tricky Update
Hello! Difficult message to write, but here goes. Some of you who’ve followed my work for a while will know that in 2014 my girlfriend became quite seriously ill - unfortunately, this illness has recently returned. Last time I managed to continue to work to some degree - and I intend to do the same this time - but unfortunately whilst the illness is the same the road ahead of us is looking quite different. Cool Ghosts has been practically dead for a few weeks, as I’ve almost constantly either been in hospital, or been at home cleaning and cooking and cleaning. Quinns has been Fantastic with a capital F, but there’s only so much he can do - we share a lot of the workload for both CG and Shut Up & Sit Down, and we’re already stretched on the best of days. Things will continue, but it may be different, sparse.

I’m hopeful that things will become a bit more normal soon, and I’m hugely keen to get back to making cool things for you guys on a regular basis. Having said that, I felt it was only right to send a message to all of you who fund Cool Ghosts to let you know why the site had gone quiet, and let you know that things may be unusual for a while. It’s unclear exactly what this means at this time - and for how long it will continue to be the case - but I’ve made the choice to focus on being the primary carer for my other half. Currently this takes up almost all of my time and energy, and while I’m hopeful this may improve in the near future there is also a very real chance that it won’t. This may simply be my life for some time: all I can promise is that at some point it won’t be, and things will move on.

Until then, I’ll do my best to be transparent about what’s going on - I wish I had more concrete information, but the future is a weird and wobbly meringue that I’m frankly finding to be a bit bloody exhausting.

I’ve made this message public as I’m very much aware that the support that we’re afforded isn’t just financial - the love and patience and enthusiasm from those who follow our work matters hugely to both of us. Having said that, I’d be remiss to shrug off the importance of the fact that many of you literally pay our wages, and for the next few months minimum - I’ll be doing a bad job, because honestly - it won’t really be my main job.

And while I’m not ashamed of that, I need to make it really clear that whether or not you’re down to support that is entirely up to you, and entirely judgement free. There are no right answers with any of this stuff. This is simply something that I have to do - whatever you have to do, you do.

Much love,


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