Trigger Knight Review

Trigger Knight is a multi-platform endless runner/ action RPG game that was created by MintShphere that runs in a Web browser in addition to the Google Play store and IOS app store. I wasn’t asked to review this game but I just kind of stumbled along this game on RMN. I was surprised that it hadn’t had any reviews before despite it being such an amazing game so I decided to give it its first review.


I was blown away by this game. Not only does it incorporate unique gameplay mechanics but it also s supported by great artwork and music. The use of the “one button mechanic” (on-screen click or touch) allows the player to easily pick up the game without having to worry about learning complex controls or a new battle system. The game is auto-run so that the player only has to choose when to buy or use an item, if they can. While this might not sound fun at first, I assure you that the game is very fun and challenging. This is most notably due to how money is earned and the multiple factors that the player has to keep track of. The character for example has both health and a lifespan that the player must keep track of, both of which can be increased in some way by spending gold that can only be collected from defeating enemies, which you can only do if you have a sufficient piece of armor or a weapon that can help you survive the battle. Your health decreases if you get hit by an enemy in battle while your lifespan is constantly decreasing. If either one reaches zero then that’s game over and then you have to start all over again. While I like this mechanic overall, I feel that there should have been multiple ways to earn money in the game. That way, players could adapt to playing the game easier to suit their own different play styles. Nevertheless, I still recommend people try this game out and get a feel for it themselves. 


The presentation of Trigger Knight is absolutely outstanding. As I mentioned earlier the graphics in this game are done really well and it supported by a great soundtrack. Depending on the version you play, the visual graphics may be slightly different but I found all of them to be done exceptionally well. From an animation/programming point of view, I thought that all of the animations were very fluid for a side-scrolling game and the parallax mapping really helps to showcase the background of the area while retaining focus on the main character. The music also really helps to amplify the overall presentation of the game. Not only does it flow well with the game but it simply just an overall good track that I would listen to all on its own. 


The engagement in this game comes primarily from wanting to last as long as possible and beating your previous score/ the score of your friends if they play it. As an endless runner, the level is somewhat randomized each time you play through so you never get stuck playing the exact same sequence over and over again. As for as gameplay goes, I mostly mentioned the fundamentals above but in essence it all comes down to timing. You have to make hard decisions in this game to decide when you should spend your money and to decide what to spend your money on. There is a meter in the top right corner that showcases what stores will be coming up next or if the character will be encountering an enemy. Using this the player must effectively decide if they should buy more armor in order to survive the next attack or should they buy lifespan so that they can prolong the game and just hope that they manage to win the next fight without an upgrade. This forces the player to carefully think about their actions and if they choose wrong then they will have to start back from the beginning.


I highly recommend that you check this game out yourself. If anything, it can be a really good game that can help you pass the time, although you might get addicted to playing it if you are like me. I say definitely download and play this game now if you like Runner games, RTS games, or even Merchant games that involve spending your money wisely. If you like those games then I think you will really enjoy playing Trigger Knight

Thanks for reading, and Happy Game Making!!