Triggered: All Atheist Conferences Are For White Men Only
I once hacked into my mom’s school district BBS account and stayed up all night arguing with the teachers in my town about the death penalty. I identified myself and argued clearly, with facts and reason, while they all grew irrational justice hard-ons and descended into fits of “tough on crime”. My mom, a sixth grade teacher, was pretty furious when she got a phone call from the district’s resident nerd informing her that her daughter had made the night owl teachers “uncomfortable” and “nervous”. Read as: I fucking schooled them and they couldn’t stand it when they found out I was a fifteen year old Leonardo Dicaprio fan in unicorn pajamas. Naturally, the best course of action, was to prevent me ever being able to login again (lasted 3 weeks) because who needs to learn or converse about issues that matter? Not. Fucking. Teachers. That’s who.

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