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  • Receive e-mail updates on whenever Trilbee posts a new video or article on his website.
  • Receive early downloads of in-depth video reviews, including 'Doctor Who' reviews, film reviews and television reviews etc.
  • Get your name in the credits of any video content Trilbee produces.
$10 or more per month
Receive all of the perks from the $1 pledge and also;
  • Receive access to a private Discord Server where you can talk with Trilbee about anything you want from media, work and personal.
  • Get a special mention by name at the end of credited video content.
Includes Discord rewards
$25 or more per month
Receive all previous perks and also;
  • Become a sponsor/producer. Do you have a website, product, company or even a YouTube Channel you want to promote? Trilbee will give a shout-out and also provide links or website info at your request in his video.
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