Tripod get! and change of Milestone Goal!
Hi! So, as I mentioned before, I looked into the cost of the Tripod, and I was delighted to find that you can find a decent one for what amounts to peanuts. I now have a more stable way of filming content with my webcam (though it's got a pretty short cable, but I've got a workaround!), and so I updated the Milestone Goal to something smaller, but potentially more fun for you. If we reach $100 dollars per Design Diary, I'll record an additional short video every month in which I talk about my favourite games. I'll be discussing what mechanics or dynamics I particularly enjoy about them, and why I think they're worthy of your time. When I start running out of favourite games, I might spend some time talking about the designs that I don't enjoy, and we'll delve into why that is. And there are some pretty popular titles there, so things might get interesting! ;) The print&play prototype is probably coming on schedule. I'll have a definite release date tomorrow. Cheers!
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