Trivia Tuesday: The Voice of Somos
Originally, the voice of Somos consisted of Jazzymike's voice and my voice layered on top of each other, spiced up with some random effects (mostly slowdown and distortion). It was lots of fun sitting together, coming up with silly references and recording them on the spot.

I used the same samples for Halfquake and Halfquake Amen, but for Sunrise I wanted to record a new voice. At first I thought I'd record Jazzymike and myself again, but then I remembered that Mike Hillard had submitted voices for the Dying For The Greater Good event (which was used for the easy path in one of the traps). I knew he was kind of a Big Deal™, so I asked him if he wanted to play the Somos part all by himself. Thankfully, he agreed! Professional voice work, yay!

After I had his recordings, I played around with the idea of slowing it down and distorting it once again, but... it felt like a waste, having this great voice cast and nobody could understand a thing. So, I decided to only add just a tiny little effect, but otherwise make sure that everyone could hear and understand him. I'd simply say Somos had received a new voice chip. :D

Anyway, I had the opportunity to send him a few questions, and the answers are now available over at PHQ. I hope you enjoy it!

Title Picture by k-night-wind.

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