TRN stage related swap mod pack

Alt & DLC stages replace The Grid (training stage)

NOTE: all elements (such as UI & BGM) are changed.

UPDATE1: includes the "Skies of Honor" stage.

UPDATE2: includes the "Frosty Boulevard" & "Temple of Ascension" stage.

UPDATE3: includes the "Temple Hideout" stage.

UPDATE4: includes the "Flamenco Tavern" stage.

UPDATE5: includes the "Suzaku Castle", "Metro City Bay Area", "Ring of Pride (CPT 2017) and also "Ring of Destiny (CPT 2016)" stage.

UPDATE6: includes the "English Manor" stage.

UPDATE7: includes the "Kasugano Residence" stage.

UPDATE8: includes the "Ring of Power (CPT 2018 )" stage.

UPDATE9: includes the "King's Court" stage.

UPDATE10: includes the "Dojo" stage.

UPDATE11: Fix the issues where we can't hear any floor sound when we knockdown the opponent and also where we can't hear the modded BGM for training stage anymore (by disabling the selection for all TRN stage's original BGMs (The Grid, The Grid 2 and The Grid 3) in Battle Settings menu).

UPDATE12: includes the "Ring of Justice (CPT 2019)" stage.

UPDATE13: includes the "Field of Fate" stage.

UPDATE14: includes the "Suzaku Castle at Night" stage.

UPDATE15: includes the "Honda Sento" stage. 

UPDATE16: includes the "Union Graveyard" stage.  

 UPDATE17: includes the " Holly Jolly Beatdown " stage 

The Grid (training stage) replace Alt & DLC stages

NOTE:  Just the opposite from above, but only the actual stage is replaced, the UI and BGM is still intact.

PS: The stage that has the Dojo swapped into, has no items (from customization in your CRI profile).

PS: forgot to tell that I re-organized this thread a bit for a specific  purpose now, so all other mods previously featured in here are moved  into their own thread too

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