The Trouble Club Shop is now open!

This shop is for all patrons to buy exclusive products that were part of previous Happy Mail rewards. 

This post is public so you can see how it works and what's available before you sign up to a tier. If you are already on a tier, look out for a separate post with the access details.

Here’s all the info:


There are only 4 products at the moment but I will add more each month and post an update. Currently you can buy the membership badge (ongoing reward for certain tiers), holographic Bunny stickers and Bunny postcards (February rewards) and pre-order the Happy Mail mini stamp (March reward, shipping later this month). Most products are very limited and will not be restocked.


The Trouble Club Shop is a separate mini version of my main Asking For Trouble shop on Shopify so you can only buy the products if you know the access details, which I will share with active patrons. You can use the same customer account and your personal details and payment information are equally secure.

Shipping & Discounts

You can use your usual shop discount for 15% off any order. There’s also a free shipping code that you can use to combine orders from the Trouble Club Shop, Asking For Trouble shop and/or your next Happy Mail package.

Any questions, just ask!

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