My main reading method is Numerology, but I find Astrology very informative for an idea of what trends are coming and how to navigate them.

In astrology an individual's natal chart has the 'moon nodes' the north or true node and the south node. The North Node is said to be the goal of the present lifetime and the South Node in the Astrological thinking is the sign we are moving away from, or what we did in a past life.

The planet as a whole also has a True Node also and we entered True Node Gemini this month, May 5th 2020. The Moon Nodes or planetary trend changes every year and a half or so. We will be in True Node Gemini until January 2022.

Gemini is quite an interesting sign and very much relates to polarity and taking account of both sides or considering two positions. It is the sign of 'The Twins'.

How can we best navigate True Node Gemini?

Number one is to be practical and flexible. Do not make grand long term goals - focus on getting things done in local close circles on a daily basis.

Take chances and get out of your comfort zone, advice and opportunities from others will be a gold mine in True Node Gemini. Try Everything, you may find a new path this way,

Do not be too preachy or judgmental - this is a trait of the opposite sign, Sagittarius. Gemini can deal with both sides or opposing mentalities with no problem.

Gemini is the trickster - jokes and memes will go over better than being The Preacher (Sagittarius). You may even cloak your true ideas and beliefs to have a conversation with 'the other side'. 

Learn by doing - be hands on and be practical. Any courses or teaching practical skills will be popular.

Communication - Gemini is a Mercury ruled sign, and rules communication. Any writing, blogging, vlogging can be fruitful during this time.

Gemini rules the street, local and close personal circles. It rules the commoner while Sagittarius rules foreign lands and foreigners. Converse with people in your area, build local bonds. If you take a trip, explore local areas or take an interstate trip.

Be open to advice, some great ideas can come from others.

Leave behind old beliefs that no longer serve you. Challenge your assumptions and methods of doing things.

Especially in 2020, expect the unexpected - Like Bruce Lee said, be Water my Friend! Being Adaptable and Flexible will lead to success in True Node Gemini.


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