True Survival | Professions: Chef | 7 Days to Die | Alpha 16


True survival has many classes and I have been asked which ones are good. So I decided to try them out. So far I have just been commenting on things as they come up and giving tips as I play it. Basic day one strategy is harvest during the day and find a place to hang out at night. Chef Starting Recipes – All Cooking Recipes; sharpening Stone; fruit Juice; goldenrod Tea; red Tea; foodPrepTable; mega Crush; beer; mead; grain Alcohol; wellness Juice Starting Bonus Stats – None Starting Bonus Gear – old Knife 600q Chef Summary Day one survival good. You anticipate a death and fight really hard to keep living The knife really helped to get special items from animals. It was also a backup weapon that helped me survive the day. Not many of the recipes really helped day one but they would as soon as more looting got you better stuff.