The Truly, Awful First Novel
In a previous post, I wrote about unearthing my first novel.  

Now that I've recovered (sort of) from the event, I've come to the decision to share it on Patreon, so that you can see what NOT to do in a story.

Written in my late teens, it was an epic fantasy novel, with maps, histories, timelines and multiple characters.  It was turned down many, many, many times.  Sometimes the rejection came with a suggestion or two, most of the time it was a straightforward "No, thank you."

Several years ago, I had stumbled across it and read through it.  Presumably, this is why I buried and forgot it.  

So, my plan is to throw it up (pun not intended) in various posts, here on Patreon.  It will be open to all my patrons, so all tier subscribers will be able to access it, read it and laugh and cry and maybe throw an occasional tomato at their computer screens.

I jest. Sort of.   ;-)

Once I've decided on how to parse out the sections, I will be posting them later this week.

Keep your eyes on this site.  It's gonna be a bumpy read.