Trump Bans Trans while the Senate's shootin' Putin. (Unedited)

In the week of July 28, 2017:

President Trump types with one hand
as he tweets a transgender military ban
and the Senate fails to pass
yet another Trumpcare plan

but what they did do
was vote 98-2
to slap Vladimir Poo-Poo
with even more sanctions
for spanking Crimea
and the U.S. election too.

The bill goes next
to the President’s desk
with an unwritten amendment
from the Congressional loo:

Veto this bill. I dare you.


Poetize the News, July 28, 2017, written and voiced by Doug Shields. Booth announcer Jim Bratton.  

Music by What Army. Sound effects by soundbible.com users tamskp and Mike Koenig. 

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