Trump Has A Dream, Too
Hi Patreon Friends,

The cartoon is hot off the presses and edging up on the fated inauguration day.  (And embeded here via youtube since Vimeo was causing problems, hopefully they'll resolve that since Vimeo is a little neater and cleaner.)  Today was a productive three-deadline day with two KQED deadlines and my big weekly animation deadline, too.  Stay tuned for a little roundup of what I've been up to, along with those promised updated prints!

If you haven’t picked up your free inauguration tickets yet, there’s still time!  To get you in the mood, this cartoon is a little preview of what we can expect.  How many times will Donald Trump say “great” and “incredible” in his speech?  (Use caution if you plan on playing an inauguration speech drinking game.)

Oddly enough, it’s beginning to seem like the inauguration may be an attempt to distract from the truly horrific cabinet picks the new president (ulp) has made.  From grizzly bears justifying guns in schools to Egyptian grain elevators to an unsuspecting energy secretary, this is going from bad to worse.

There is much more than just silliness and stupidity in store for us, people are trying to make cruel and dangerous policies that will impact our nation and the world for years (generations?) to come.  I can’t believe we’re here, let’s hope we never get used to this.  

Enjoy the cartoon, and thanks SO much for your wonderful support!