Trump May Lose God's Protection, Deep State Doesn't Exist?, Hijarbie, Ban Trucks: The Diamond Report
ABC News: The Deep State Doesn't Exist, Apple's Billion Dollar Boost - 'Ye Shall Be As Gods', Foreign Border Money, Constitutionalist Found Hiding In Hollywood, Buzzfeed Wants Trump Assassinated - Why Now?, Netflix Edits Bill Nye The Fake Science Guy To Remove Segment Saying Chromosomes Determine Gender (Because It Doesn't Fit The Narrative), Japan Tough On Refugees, Assange: Hillary Is The 'Butcher Of Libya", Madrid Explosions & Injuries, Al Gore's New Movie, Global Warming Is Real - And We Only Hear About Engineered Cool-Downs, 'Alien Covenant' Leaked - Disclosure Inching Closer, 'True Legends' The Series, Obama Endorses Macron, Navy Seal Taking Heat For Shining Light On PedoGate, Prince Philip Retires - Maybe He'll Kick The Bucket And Won't Return As A Deadly Virus, TSA Warns Against Terrorist Truck-Ramming Attacks - Ban Trucks Now!, Farage Endorses LePen, Gay Mafia Attacks Colbert, El Chapo's Billions - Just Ask HSBC Bank, House Passes Healthcare Bill, Obama's Ready For Civil War, Crazed Leftist Wants Alex Jones Killed, Hillary Claims Planned Parenthood Has Moral High Ground, Delta Forces Dad To Give Up Airline Seat, Mexican Border Smuggling Tunnels, Congress Passes Fresh NK Sanctions, Hijarbie - Hijab Wearing Barbie, Dr. Bill Warner PhD - Islam Expert On Lost Arts Radio, Al-Jazeera Films False Flag Chemical Attack, Trump's Flips: The Real Reasons, Iran Missile Fail, China Wants To Stay Good NK Neighbor, Obama's NSA Secrets On 30K Americans, Whites In South Africa, Satanic Majesty Monument, Satan's Crap Sandwich - AKA Obamacare, More Truck-Ramming, Dem Senator Wants Huma Investigation, Kids' Bodies Stolen For False Flag, Patients Should Pre-Pay, FGM Not FGM, Hillary's Haiti Debacle, Freedom Is A Gift From God Not Gov't, A Nation Without A Soul, The Bible - George Washington - Patriots, Stem Cell Embryo, China Guts Free Speech, Russian Bombers & Jets Near Alaska, Grocery Store Crisis Coming?, Trump May Lose God's Protection If He Keeps It Up, DNC Has Right To Rig, Russian Checkmate In Arctic

DAILY REAL NEWS RECAP: The Diamond Report with Doug Diamond - May 4, 2017