Trump News Tonight!
Hi there, Patrons and Pals-o-mine,

Well, I did it.  I reacted, yet again, to the ridiculous statements and proclamations spouted by Donald Trump.  I was SO hoping to start ignoring him more, but now he is the Republican nominee-to-be and seems to be sticking around.  I know, I know, I'm playing right into his hands by giving him attention.  (I have a two-year-old, I know how these games work-- although I feel terrible comparing my amazingly cute and innocent one with the racist xenophobe with the floppy hair.)  Truthfully, I couldn't resist imagining what a truly Trump-friendly media outlet would look like.

Now that Donald Trump has unloaded on the media yet again, maybe we should all just stop giving him so much attention.  Must.  Stop.  Can’t.  Stop.  Can’t.  Look.  Away.  Methinks Trump would hate the press even more if we stopped covering him.  

Sadly, we have passed the point where ignoring him would actually do any good.  This guy is leading the Republican Party and has a good shot at being our next president.  With millions of votes we’ve kinda’ got to pay attention to him.  From his late-arriving million-dollar-check-for-vets (which he kindly gave to the organization led by the same guy who heads his Trump SoHo Hotel) to his ridiculous promises about jobs and a pledge to “open up the water” to solve California’s drought, the candidate is on a roll.

Given The Donald’s hissy fit about the mean ol’ media asking all those questions, let’s imagine what a Trump-approved media organization would look like.  Who knew it would take someone like Donald Trump to start making Fox News look “fair and balanced” on occasion?  Ugh.  I’ve got to take a shower after this.  

 Enjoy the cartoon, and if you're a Patron, thank you SO much for your support!  (And if you're not, take a look here to find out what you're missing and what is in the works.  Tell yer friends!)  Stay tuned for a big Thursday update on my recent trip to Washington, DC and talk with Mark Shields at the Herblock Prize celebration.  Also, more first-person videos on the way and a Brainstorm Session.

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