Trumped Up: Elon James White
This week is Elon James White’s birthday. For those who don’t know, Elon is the founder of This Week in Blackness and TWiBMedia as well as a frequent guest on CNN and MSNBC. If you’ve never checked out his show, I suggest that you do. It’s on Free Speech TV, also, wish him a happy birthday, he deserves it.

When Donald Trump started running for office I chose not to give him any publicity. He was a loser in business, a joke as a celebrity, and a racist *BEFORE* he started running for President. But Republicans love losers. Richard Nixon was a loser, he lost to Kennedy, Ronald Reagan was a loser, he lost to Ford, George H.W. Bush was a loser, he lost to Reagan, George W. Bush was a loser, how many businesses went bankrupt before he became a welfare queen? So, of course, the Republicans would elect the biggest loser out of a collection of losers, whiners and has-beens.

Part of it was how Fox, MSNBC, CNN, and CBS gave Trump all that free media, too, which is why I focused on making Clinton and Sanders better candidates.

Sadly, that hasn’t worked out.

So here is what I am afraid of: The laziness of the Clinton campaign for 1) not getting the base excited for her, only taking down Trump (Which she does well) 2) alienating the left by reaching out to Republicans and war criminals and 3) not laying out a vision for the country.

All three of those problems are going to depress the vote for her. That’s before we get into the Republican disenfranchisement of the vote.

Trump may be a used car salesman who thinks because he inherited a lot of wealth, he’s self made, but he understands that he needs to get his base excited for him, by reaching out to the far right and bringing the Nazis and the Klan into the Republican Party, he’s laid out a Dystopian vision of a fascist America that his supporters can rally behind.

Only *NOW* are some Republicans starting to distance themselves from him, and mainly because he is overt with his sexism against white women. Where were they when this begun?

Oh yeah, every Republican was running to be President.

Now they are embarrassed because he refuses to use the dog whistle.

Happy Birthday, Elon.

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