Trump’s High Steaks
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Whew! This one kept me up late last night/this morning but I think it's worth it. Keep your eyes peeled for a very cool behind-the-scenes look at the voiceover session for this animation. John Taylor and I shot video of the session and I'm in the process of overlaying it on top of this completed animation. You'll be able to see just how much talent and work goes into good voice acting! (Yes, he does both voices.)

It makes perfect sense that a few days after touting his penis size during a presidential debate, Donald J. Trump would display raw meat, wine and champagne at a press conference.  Will there be a lion on a leash or bear wrestling next?  Things seem to be getting a little more primeval in this campaign, at least on the Republican side.

Dogboy and Mr. Dan are back to give their take on the current state of the presidential race.  Needless to say, Mr. Dan is thrilled.  Keep your eyes peeled for a winnowing field of candidates over the next few weeks.  Although since that is a rational expectation, the opposite will probably happen.  Will Ben Carson jump back in as Trump names Putin his running mate?  (And what do you know, there is an exciting Democratic race going on, too!)

Prepare yourself for more real-time satire in the presidential race, be it in a debate or during a press conference!  Enjoy the cartoon, don’t eat too many Trump steaks and remember to become a Patron or tell your friends.  Stay tuned for the voiceover video!

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