TrumpWatch Daily Update; Week 41, Tuesday
House Republican leaders plan to propose preserving the top income-tax rate for very wealthy people, a last-minute adjustment to their plan to overhaul the tax code. GOP leaders had planned to collapse the 7 existing income tax brackets into 3, lowering the top rate from 39.6% to 35%, but now will retain the top bracket for people earning more than a certain threshold. The House GOP previously set Wednesday as their deadline to unveil their tax plan, but they will miss it and will instead make their plan public on Thursday.

Former Trump campaign co-chairman Sam Clovis is facing renewed opposition to his nomination to serve as the Agriculture Department’s chief scientist amid revelations that he encouraged George Papadopolous to foster ties with Russian officials. Clovis is not a trained scientist, is a climate change skeptic, and has said protecting gay rights could lead to the legalization of pedophilia.

Facebook, Google, and Twitter participated in the first of three hearings over the next two days. They have already admitted that Russia’s use of their platforms to sway the American electorate was bigger than previously acknowledged, with Facebook yesterday acknowledging that more than 125M users potentially saw ads purchased by a Kremlin-linked company, but they offered little more than promises to do better in the future.

The price of President Trump’s plan to rebuilding the American nuclear arsenal was released by Congressional Budget Office, and its estimate put the cost of a 30-year makeover at $1.2T, more than 20% higher than earlier figures. Accounting for inflation, experts say, would take the price to more than $1.6T and any changes Trump might make to push back against North Korea or Iran would drive prices higher still.

Rep. Jeb Hensarling, a Texas Republican who chairs the House Financial Services Committee, announced that he will not seek reelection in 2018. He is the 22nd Republican member of the House of Representatives to choose retirement over a reelection campaign since Trump’s inauguration.