TrumpWatch Daily Update; Week 5, Wednesday
President Trump is set as early as today to issue new guidelines to reverse an order from the Obama administration allowing students to use the restroom of their gender identity. The guidelines will rescind anti-discrimination protections for transgender students in a move favored by Attorney General Sessions and initially opposed by Education Secretary DeVos. Trump sided with Sessions and DeVos ultimately chose to go along with them, though the administration could not have gone forward with the new guidelines without her approval.

The nation's food industry is preparing for the Trump administration’s immigration enforcement plans to take effect. Farm groups and food processors fear worker shortages that could negatively affect harvesting, while also leaving restaurants, slaughterhouses, and processing plants short-staffed.

The Trump federal hiring freeze has resulted in the closure of daycares for families of U.S. military personnel overseas, as well as the closure of an Army child care center in Kentucky, because staff who leave cannot be replaced. Meanwhile, Trump's trips to Mar-a-Lago and security for Trump Tower in New York City have cost taxpayers more than $10M in just the first month of his presidency.

As Oklahoma’s attorney general, EPA Director Scott Pruitt regularly communicated with fossil fuel companies and electric utilities about ways to effectively fight against federal regulations put in place by the agency he now heads. Approximately 7,000 pages of emails were turned over this week and show an extremely close relationship between Pruitt, ultra-conservative groups, and the fossil fuel industry; it took a liberal organization more than two years and a court order to gain access to the documents.