Trust Issues
Hi! It's a Monday~! It's the morning~! I feel like making music~ So I was lying on my bed thinking of all the times I have tortured the people I love about my opinion of why I don't trust them / why things don't work, and I decided to make a song about it so that I can laugh at myself once in a while~ XD enjoy! Feel free to share this with others who also have trust issues so that they can have a laugh about it as well~! Remember to support my Paetron: Every little bit counts! ____________________________________________________________ Do check me out on my AiLand-Channel: And feel free to follow me and my art process here: Blogger: Facebook: Instagram: Deviantart: Twitter: Tumblr: | ArtPortfolio: And check out my joint channel with BadriahBegumMusic, where we have all sorts of adventures!!!