The truth.
It's something weird writing this post 'cos i feel a little embarassed. But this is my diary so i wanna be honest. Today i'm going to confess something that i always tried to hide.
..I don't have a workroom.

You may think that this is not a "real confession" or it's a stupid thing, or "Come one, people has serious problems in the world!". 

 I'm that kind of person that if something it's not exactly as she wants, this means it's my fault, that i have to do more, i have to work harder and i have to believe in myself with more efforts.

Indeed, great concepts but it's difficult to keep your motivation high every single day, every single hour or your life.
Sometimes things are going right, sometimes everything goes wrong.
You can do nothing 'cos "Hey, this is the life!"

 I follow different artists on youtube/instagram and facebook, some of them are cosplay world related, others make huge costumes for models/events, and others are artists in general.
I noticed that most of them, which usually talk to they're fans as their friend, show how world is amazing, how many opportunities there are without admiting how things are in the daily life.

Social networks are showcases.

I know that privacy is the best way to protect our lives, but i think that as we post good things, maybe, sometimes, we can also talks about our fears, insecurities or difficulties.

I'm not complaining about what people do/think but i just wanna be honest. We are always crushed by social media, goals, productivity. And problems are born here: people, like me, can't do all that things together and consequently we feel bad.

No..wait. I can do all together without sleep, without taking care of my family, my relationship, friends and me.."You have to sacrifice!".

All this to say "hey, this is where i work".
It's not a workroom, a garage, a cellar or what else.

This is my bedroom.
Each costume is born here.
In this room.

I'm proud of what i'm doing and i know that in the future i'll have an appropriate place. This is just a remind for me and maybe for you, that we always have to be honest and that "everything is going well and my life is amazing" it's not always true.

Social networks are not real..and i forget it sometimes.