The Truth About Sick- Video Project
Unedited Ramble Ahead-

This is the first video uploaded to a new video project. This video is actually a few weeks old and is a compilation of a few memories. The video project is going to be a behind the scenes view at The Truth About Sick.
I have contemplated whether to tell this or not because I am still kind of shocked I guess? After my articles with the Mighty came out I had an offer for a bigger project. At the end of the project is a potential book deal, and so I decided along the way to add video to The Truth About Sick. While I love telling my truth in words, there are some stories that a picture or a video is far more capable of telling.

The book what wills and all have not been fully negotiated, and being a stubborn artist, I want my story told my way. I set out on this journey to artfully share the most intense parts of my life in hope that other sick people would feel less alone, and that other non-sick people might be more supportive to loved ones who are sick. I want to take the Shame from sick. If I have to be sick, I want to be sick beautifully. Sick doesn’t always agree with that, so I decided that if it can’t be pretty, it can certainly be honest. There is a beauty in raw honesty that the sickest of Sick can’t take away. I hope I continue to beat Sick. I hope Miracle shows up and I get to live the 104 years I keep threatening to live. In case I don’t though, THIS, this story, my story, and now your story, is the thing that I have to do. So I because I don’t know the full negotiations of the deal yet and because I want to do it my way- unedited- and because that doesn’t quiet jive yet with the potential offerer, I am not sure this deal is for me.
So I am going to keep making my art. My art is going to keep being about my life. My writing is going to keep being honest. I think that my story, is no longer The Art of Dying. I think my art is my story and I think my story is The Truth About Sick. I think my story is a story with so many voices. I need to make this with everything in me. I feel compelled. And this is where you come in.
I doubt that you will love everything I write. I doubt that you will love every painting I make or piece of art I create, or even watch or care for the videos I am adding. And that is okay, because that’s the truth. I do need you to make this happen though. I need your support. I don’t just mean financial help, while that’s helpful of course in this project, what I really need is to know is that you will be there with me on this journey. Whether I end up with 3000 of you or stick to 13, you give me strength to keep going. If you know someone who you think my story will touch, send them this way. They don’t have to be a paying patron. The point of Patreon is that those who can finance the art do with the intention of making that art accessible to everyone.

So if you feel compelled to share parts of my story, please do. If you know someone who has faced these same struggles, please introduce us. If you yourself are facing them too, please know my soul is always holding space for you.

The more people we tell about The Truth About Sick, the less power Sick has and the more likely Hope and Joy can stop by.

Love you all. XoXo