The Truth and the Dream
Hello Dear Patrons!

  I hope you don’t feel left out lately! I’ve been working so hard these last two months on my Pledge Music Campaign that it’s taken a lot of my attention!  

 When my record comes out, I’d like to send you each a digital download of it, as well as a copy of my lyric book.  I am not sure how to do that yet, but I’ll figure it out this summer! Ha!

 I love doing this all on my own, and at the same time, it’s made me realize just how much work the labels did for me all those years ago.  I even wrote to Nettwerk yesterday and my old manager, thanking them for 15 years of support.  They made it so all I had to do was show up and sing. Though that was still incredibly hard work with the schedule I had, I now see just how decadent it was and how easy I had it!  They gave me opportunities that most artists dream of.

 But this is wonderful and today I am researching things to sell at my show. As an environmentalist, the last thing I want to do is send more useless crap into the world, so I’m working out swag that would be useful as well as eco-friendly.  Any ideas?

 Today is the last day of my Pledge Campaign, and I reached my goal and then some.  I know some of you also supported the campaign, so I thank you with all my heart for your doubled up love.  I feel it!

 Okay, back to my merchandising! Also finishing up the new album in the next few weeks!  I can’t believe I’ve actually made something that can’t get unmade!  As a mama, that’s all that happens. Each bed, each ponytail, each piece of laundry, each dish…at some point you just want something to stay where you put it. Sometimes I fantasize about having my own condo. It’s clean and modern in some ways, but I think it’s in Paris so it’s in an old building with high ceilings and huge windows.  It’s all white with giant sweeping curtains, and a desk where I write all night and then fall asleep to the sound of heels on cobblestones, laughter and the clink of glasses on the patio below.  There is no laundry (I send it out). There is no cooking (I go to the cafe).  All there is is writing and walking and croissants and art and…..oh, I’m sorry…did I just drift off there?

Right…back to reality…which is also magnificent.  I live on a 12 acre farm on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia.  I have a turn of the century french farmhouse and I fall asleep to the sounds of frogs in the pond and rain on the metal roof.  I wake up to birdsong and then I climb into bed with my warm, sweet children and snuggle them until the very last minute when we have to get up and get ready for school. My kids are smart, healthy, lovely and kind and my husband is pretty dreamy.  He is intelligent and thoughtful and we are in our 13th year together.  He knows about my future  Pied-a-terre in Paris,  and will play the part of Francois, my Parisienne lover. Just kidding. Or am I?

Thank you all again for your support! I assure you I am working hard and am so deeply grateful for you all!

 Much love, Tara