Truth & Karma! How USA Created 20th Century Cold War & Arms Race: Russian Berlin & Manchuria Operations vs. USA's Hiroshima/Nagasaki Atomic Bombing


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Truth & Karma! How USA Generated 20th Century Self-Fulfilling Prophecy, Cold War & Arms Race: Russian Manchuria Strategic Op vs. USA's Hiroshima/Nagasaki Atomic Bombing


This article is the spin-off and a deeper perspective of the previous 

REVEALED: Why Western Armies Calibrate So Low vs. Russsian Army? (How My Higher-Dimensional Method Works + Period 8 Predictions)! 

Nancy commented:

I was born in 1943 and would have been 2 when USA deployed nuclear weapons against Japan. I entered the first grade in Boise, Idaho in 1949 & have very vague memories of duck & cover classroom drills in case the Russians attacked us. And yet I have memories of my parents discussing the nuclear attack on Japan along the lines of we had no choice because the Japanese would have dug in and the war would never have ended so we really saved lots of lives. Children pick up on some level when adults are ashamed of something. Memory is a strange thing. Until this moment I had forgotten my parents discomfort with US nuclear attack on Japan.

Lada Ray Says:

First, the multidimensional perspective. All countries and all nationalities around the world have something to be ashamed of, or feel defensive about. That's just a simple truth of the karmic accumulation on our planet. It's how we handle the not-so-pretty truths about our people that matter. And also how ready we are to recognize the truth vs. a lie...

If we want to go into that, we'll find many skeletons in the closet of any country, including both Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and of course that includes USA, Japan and Russia. And I mean ANY country, any culture, any ethnicity - no exception. 

We usually talk a lot about the past of Russia, which had to be redeemed and cleansed, and in biggest part it was. Lots about that on FT, Patreon, but the most profound revelations are found in the FORBIDDEN HISTORY & FORGOTTEN ORIGINS and THE PUTIN ENIGMA Webinars. 

We also usually talk a lot about the USA and West's past and present, and that it will also have to be cleansed in the near future through the unfolding Inverted Collapse.

This discussion can also be found in many of my articles and predictions, with the most profound info being a part of the MULTIDIMENSIONAL GEOPOLITICS 6-WEBINAR SERIES

But we hardly ever talk about Japan. And the truth is that Japanese Empire between mid-1930s and 1945 occupied China and other countries of SE Asia, causing innumerable suffering. It was a cruel rule. According to official statistics, 34 million Chinese perished during the invasion, which began several years before the start of WWII in Europe. The populations of Mongolia, Vietnam and Korea suffered just as much. 

It was only with Russian help that China, as well as others, managed to free themselves from the Japanese yoke. And the driving force, the only well-organized force capable of fighting the invaders was... the Chinese Communist Party, headed by Mao. That victory made Mao undisputed leader and hero of China, and the rest is history, the way we watched it unfold in the 20th Century. 

The events set in motion by people's greed, ignorance and desire to dominate others through force always backfire. Any low-calibrated force will always generate counterforce, and on and on in perpetuity, until someone wise enough comes along to reverse the vicious karmic cycle.

Putin and Russia the Great Balancer are performing that reversal and a massive global course correction today. That's what we call THE GREAT EARTH SHIFT.  

The US in the past century has been raking in that bad karma like there is no tomorrow, while payback is still to come. Speaking of the end of WWII and the nuclear bombing...

There are many layers of lies in the propaganda Nancy described in her comment, which the US was spinning at the time. I bet no one ever mentioned in US history books or MSM that in fact the Japanese army and the Japanese Empire as a whole capitulated not because of the US bombing, but because Russians, not Americans, were at the time delivering a crushing defeat to Japan's Quantung Army. This was also known as the Manchurian Strategic Operation, 9-20 of August, 1945. 

However untruthful and Russophobic Wikipedia often is, the quotes below we can probably trust sufficiently, being the simplest and easiest references in English. And frankly, a truthful info is very hard to come by in English, so we'll have do with these:

HIROSHIMA/NAGASAKI ATOMIC BOMBING: Dates: Aug 6, 1945 – Aug 9, 1945 

During the final stage of World War II, the United States detonated two nuclear weapons over the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6 and 9, 1945, respectively. The United States dropped the bombs after obtaining the consent of the United Kingdom, as required by the Quebec Agreement. Wikipedia


Wikipedia: Manchzhurskaya Strategicheskaya Nastupatelnaya Operatsiya) or simply the Manchurian Operation (Маньчжурская операция), began on 9 August 1945 with the Soviet invasion of the Japanese puppet state of Manchukuo. It was the last campaign of the Second World War...

Images & Maps of the Soviet Strategic Manchuria Operation

Map of the massive scale Manchuria Operation (Rus), which locked the famous Quantung army into what Russians call 'a cauldron', liberating among others, Port Arthur, Harbin and Beijing.

The mastermind and commander of the Manchuria Operation, Marshal Aleksandr Vasilevsky, one of the brilliant strategists, who rose to prominence during WWII and Russia's fight against Nazi Germany

Russian army in Harbin

Russian navy and airforce during Manchuria Op

Mongolian army participated on the Russian side in WWII

And that was the operation that in fact ended WWII and delivered the Japanese capitulation. After which US promptly occupied Japan, built there military bases... and the rest is history. 


Now, do you see a strange coincidence in the dates? Clearly, a major multi-army and multi-country strategic op had to take more than a few days to prepare, therefore the Manchurian Op was planned by the USSR since at least June or July, 1945 (I don't know the exact dates of preparation, but I'm sure our history buffs can look them up). It should be very clear even to a 5-year-old that the US found out the secret date of the offensive and TIMED its nuclear bombing of Japan to the start of the Russian Manchurian Op! 

It was disguised as 'allied help', but in fact it was a warning to the USSR that the US supposedly can destroy Russia on moment's notice. As we know from the ensuing history, it actually wasn't the case. In one of my earlier articles on FT we had discussed what happened in the next two years and how Russia had its own nuclear weapon before US could manufacture more of its own, in part because of the help of the American scientists who were sick of how the US deceived them by using their inventions to annihilate hundreds of thousands of innocent people. 

Here are the main conclusions from this incident. I know it may be the brutal truth, and tough for some to stomach, but if you want to know the truth, here it is:

1. The US/UK, who were 'allies' of the USSR during WWII, were preparing to destroy the USSR right after the war ended, and only self-preservation stopped them. It was calculated that even if they tried to deliver a nuclear blow and managed to drop the bombs, destroying Moscow and hundreds of thousands of Russians, Soviet Army, who really won WWII almost single-handedly, was so strong that it would reach both UK and US before they managed to go any further. 

Reenactment of that historic handshake! Russian/Soviet and American troops meet on Elbe, Germany, 1945. Russian: 'Vstrecha na Elbe'

2. They decided to 'teach' Russia a lesson and send 'a warning' right before the final op of WWII by the Soviet Army in Manchuria. Were they hoping to stop the Russian offensive? Not at all. It was more of a mafia-style warning: if you try anything, such as..., we'll kill your family. You all watched The Godfather, you know how those mafia warnings work...

3. But Soviet intelligence was VERY good. It delivered the news that the US was bluffing and after it used up its only two bombs, it couldn't manufacture more for a long time. Soviet scientists, helped by some US intel, produced their own A-bomb shortly after and that's how the arms race between the two super-powers began.

4. The main geopolitical result of the 1945 American atomic bomb stunt, which later would color the next 40 years, was that the USSR knew the West could never be trusted. (By mid-1980s Russians already forgot that, unfortunately.) In the 1940s and 1950s, this realization further solidified Soviet resolve to liberate and take over as many countries in Asia as possible, making them socialist and anti-US. 

Those ignorant (or extremely naive) Western sheeple who keep preaching how bad communism is and therefore how bad Russia and China are, should really look in the mirror. They know nothing of reality and they know nothing of the truth, but by being ignorant and not not too bright they continue spinning that karmic wheel, adding more and more bad collective karma to their countries.   

5. If communism and socialism are that bad, in their opinion, then they should start by blaming themselves, their ancestors and their respective countries for generating the force that made others apply counterforce to protect themselves and get free of cruel, excessively yang Western domination. And at the time, the only force tough, strong and organized enough to successfully resist fascism, Nazism and Western aggression were very well organized and solidified communist parties. 

6. Only those people who will understand how the vicious karmic cycle of the 3D force-counterforce works, will release their karma and will be able to move forward. To do so, one must make peace with the past and realize we are all one, all dependent on each other, and learning from each other, in this big world. 

Those who refuse to understand this, will continue brewing in that same stinky karmic soup. 

7. I would be remiss if I didn't mention the fear and jealousy of the US/UK elites towards the Soviet reputation at the time. It was later that through overwhelming MSM fake news and government propaganda they managed to shift people's perceptions. But in 1945 everyone had eyes, because they were there! And they knew WHO really liberated them. That could not be faked. Europeans and Asians were grateful to the Soviet Army. It was the army they saw fighting and sacrificing their lives in order to liberate them from Nazis and other invaders. 

8. The USSR, through this difficult sacrifice and hard work earned the love and support of many peoples around the world, who were turning way too pro-Russian for their Anglo-American masters' taste. 

But what was it that the US/UK had a lot more of; what was it that the devastated by war Russia didn't have?.. What was the move that Russia missed?.. That was the MONEY, of course! 

The US got enriched beyond belief off the suffering of the rest of the world in WWII. And post 1945 that cash was used to bribe politicians, media, business and influencers all over Europe, Japan, and wherever they could reach in Asia. The strategy of the wholesale bribery and lavishly showering with money those countries the US/UK wanted turned anti-Russian succeeded. The money and physical wealth, a thoroughly 3D and lower 4D notion, as a rule tended to elude Russians, as an intrinsically yin-yang, higher-consciousness society. 

Due to the low consciousness on the planet, complete with sold-out elites, the US plan largely succeeded, as gradually the USSR watched former 'allies' betray Russia and stick the knife in Russia's back over and over. 

Berlin: in the 20th century it could've been this way (but it wasn't) 

9. So you see, that's how the US/UK in the very moment of bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and through their actions thereafter, generated the 20th Century's global self-fulfilling prophecy. 

After WWII the world could have been different. It could have lived in cooperation, drawing on inspiration from the 'allied' victory. Yet, the low consciousness, coupled with pathological fear and greed of the US/UK elites, along with the widespread zombification of their populations, was such that taking a higher road became impossible. 

10. The USSR tried via the 1945 Yalta Conference and the Nuremberg Tribunal to unite the West and Russia as one, yet Stalin was too naive to think his deal with Churchill and Roosevelt would be honored by Anglo-American globalist Dark State, which behind the scenes was already preparing the annihilation of Russia the Great Balancer - again, for a hundred's time throughout our FORBIDDEN & falsified HISTORY

That famous image! Stalin, Churchill, Roosevelt: Yalta Conference, 1945

Oh, that 'vicious tyrant' Stalin! Here's Stalin's famous 1945 quote about the fact that Russia needed to be merciful and extend help and friendship to the German people after the war, despite horrible German atrocities: 'Hitlers come and go, but German people remain.'

Those terrible Russians! After the war ended, Russian soldiers in Berlin, Dresden and throughout Germany organized soup kitchens for Germans, where they fed the starving people. That was after these same soldiers saw their own country destroyed, their families killed and tortured, often brutally, by those same Germans. 

Unfortunately, at the time Stalin and Russian elites sometimes showed much more mercy and compassion to foreigners than to their own people. That was Russian karma to work out. Today, with Putin at the helm, it largely has been worked out. Finally, the attitude to Russia's own people has changed! How and why this happened can be studied through my Earth Shift Webinars: ESW6 and ESW4

German fake 'historians', in order to somehow distract Germans and the world from their own WWII atrocities lately have been spreading a myth that 'Russian troops raped a million German women during the 1945 occupation.' It is a blatant lie, if I've ever seen one. In reality, the Red Army orders were extremely strict and NKVD would execute any Soviet soldier who was found guilty of raping a German woman. The reality was just the opposite: mercy and compassion to the defeated, homeless and starving. That Russians, who suffered from Germans so much, understood very well.

I am not saying there were no acts of compassion from the side of the Americans and Brits. I know there were. But first, none of them suffered from Germans as much as Russian/Soviet people did. And second, consider this! As the Soviet troops were advancing on Berlin, knowing their path lay through Dresden, US/UK jointly bombed Dresden into oblivion, annihilating the whole city and not just killing its residents. They made them suffer. The Dresden bombings were the first well-documented mass usage of chemical poisons in the bombs. People, including children, were suffocating to death in the bomb shelters. How many other such bombings the allies delivered we don't know, But in Dresden Russians documented everything when they arrived into the city, to find it completely leveled, with no shelter, food and potable water for the Russian Army. It was done in order to slow down the Soviet advancement on Berlin because US was trying to get there first. As we know, the plan failed. Good thing the Red Army carried all their supplies with them! 

And then, of course the big one from the same compassionate and merciful US and UK: two A-Bombs dropped on unsuspecting Japanese people to show the big stick to those Russians...


The USA and UK together with their Western allies, were fully responsible for starting the 20th Century ARMS RACE, COLD WAR and the WORLD'S EAST vs WEST SPLIT, COMMUNISM vs CAPITALISM, etc., etc. 

The US/UK/West are fully responsible for the 20th Century mutual hatred and antagonism on steroids that could have been avoided, should they refrained from sticking the knife into Russia's back. But they couldn't help themselves. It's just the nature of the beast.

It could still be this way, couldn't it?

11. The biggest takeaway I want you to bring with you after reading this is:

Human consciousness has to rise sufficiently in order for humans to stop needing an enemy they can fight. It has to rise sufficiently in order for humans to start thinking in terms of cooperation and working with, not against, each other. 

Only lower-consciousness humans feel elevated because someone else, in their view, is worse. The Western propaganda very successfully exploits that widespread lower consciousness. Western MSM made its sheeple believe that Russia, or the USSR in its other guise, are the bad guys. Therefore, the US is the best and by extension, each and very American is the best too, because they can do no wrong and because they protect the world against bad Russia and against bad communism. I just want to ask, who will protect the world, in their opinion, against bad Americans and bad capitalism? Do you see how the karmic cycle gets perpetuated?

Millions of Americans, Brits and Europeans continue to this day wearing this backwards, low-consciousness belief that they are in the right and that they are exceptional, as a badge of honor; their subliminal hatred of Russia can be pulled out of the hat and triggered on moment's notice, as we are observing today with all these anti-Russian sanctions, 'Skripal/Russian spies' and 'Russian hacking' scandals. 

The problem is, the West has lied for too long. The people are starting to awaken and question the old narrative. Just wait till all the truth comes out. I can tell you that the devastation to the poor Western sheeple's world will be a lot more dramatic than what happened in Russia circa the end of the USSR. It won't be pretty, as the false world they constructed around themselves will start to crumble! 

What's more, it is the Time Of Russia. And it is the Great Earth Shift. Meantime, the West is in the Inverted Collapse. It no longer has sway over people's minds and it's starting to lose its sway over the global economy and geopolitics. And it's just the beginning! 

12. And another thought I want to leave you with... People with higher consciousness, unlike people with lower consciousness, never want others to suffer or be destroyed. Unlike the US/UK, Russia harbors no such intentions. 

Similarly, I wish no ill to anyone. Moreover, by making my predictions and warnings in English, I try to help as many people as possible in the West. And as more people awaken, the worst scenario may be avoided. But this can only happen if people actually listen to me. So far, I see very few people listening. Those who do, will have been well prepared. Those who don't... won't. The more of you come and join me, the easier the collective karma may become. 

When I talk about karma, it gives me no pleasure, and often I feel the people's fear and denial, after I mention the fact that collective karma has to be worked out.  

The wise and high-calibrated people embrace karma and pay their debts, which allows them to move forward to a better future. The fact that the US/UK/West try to postpone karma by pretending all's well, will only make the final karmic blow ever so more painful and crushing. And I say this in the hopes that people in the West wake up and start seeing the light and working it out, while still possible. 


As my advanced and higher-consciousness followers keep telling me, for most people what I say is too high-minded and too high-consciousness. Gosh, I sincerely hope there are more people around the globe who are ready to hear and understand my higher-dimensional perspective! 

I am very serious when I say I AM LOOKING FOR MORE OF SUCH PEOPLE TO BECOME A PART OF MY COMMUNITY! Wherever you are, I hope you find me and join us soon! 

If you are one of these people, and if you want me to continue telling you things no one else will...


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