Try-outs 14 June 2014

His dad was waiting for him, just like he did every Saturday after training. Smart shoes. Businessman’s overcoat. Cigarette in his hand. Much more elegant than the other dads. 

“You did good, son. You showed them who’s boss.” 

“It wasn’t a match, Dad. Only a training session.”

“Just as important. Don’t you forget it. Are you in the team?” 

He shrugged. He hoped so. But there was never a guarantee. You had to earn your place. 

“You did your best, though?”

He nodded. 

His dad slung his arm around his shoulders. “That’s my lad.” 

Dad sighed. “But is your best good enough?” 

“I try, Dad.” 

Dad nodded. “Yeah. Remember even if you don’t make it to the team, you playing your hardest makes them do better.” 

He kissed the photo. He’d done his bit. Now he must wait and see.