Trying New Things
(March 1st, 2017) So for this year, I've made it my goal to expand my creations and how I share them with you. For this month, that comes in the form of YouTube videos! I've wanted to make videos for a long time, going back to my youthful ideas of making stop-motion lego. I can't say for certain how much of my time I will keep putting into new videos, but for now I want to try and put up one a week.

As for what kind of videos to expect, at the moment I'm sticking with lets plays, though I would like to possibly do some sketches and vlogging in the future, but not yet.

I thoroughly enjoyed working on the videos I made so far, and I want to make more. If you have any suggestions or critiques on the videos, I would appreciate any and all feedback.

The videos are all I have for this month, I'm going to try and get another game  update ready for next month. Merry march to you all!

League of Legends with Friends:

Factorio Episode 1:

Factorio Episode 2:

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