Trying to Determine
I am not certain whether to hope that the upper respiratory tract symptoms I have experienced over the past few days are or are not allergies.  If they are, it's probably the worst bout of nasal allergies I've had in a long time (I just had a session of sneezing repeatedly for what was probably a full minute, not more than five seconds apart).  If they are not, it appears that I might be fighting an infection just days before I am supposed to visit my ninety year old mother, and no one is going to be happy if I take a bug to a family gathering.  Where's that thermometer?  Maybe I can figure out what's happening, and maybe I can get over it in time.

Lauren has a problem in today's posting:  how do you find a vampire on the run?  She and Sir Sagrimore are in pursuit, and find someone who is not a vampire who gives them some assistance in Old Verses New; Chapter 31, Hastings 54.