Trying to do all of everything leads to....
Hey guys. Just wanted to drop in and let you know once again how much I appreciate the support here. I know uploads have slowed, and I'm really working on getting new content up on the series' we have going right now, as well as planning for the future. My work schedule is only able to be accurately described right now as "overloaded" so I've got long days and nights into trying to get as much done with these projects as I can. 

As a number of you may have noticed by the last live stream (The Cave), this workload is also affecting me on a health/mental capacity and energy level too. I'm gonna see about rebooting myself after tomorrow, and take the weekend to relax a bit more than usual in hopes to get some of myself back. I'll do this... right after I finish editing KSP 90.

There's a saying I've always tried to live by, but have forgotten lately. "Trying to do all of everything leads to doing nothing with anything." This is really resonating with me lately, especially regarding YouTube content. There's SOOOOOOO many things I have planned and some things I want to try out, that I haven't really made solid ground on any of them.  I've begun assembling my plans for another Prison Architect series over the last few days, and now some people have talked me into giving Fallout 4 a shot as well, probably as a stream series.

The live streams have been fun, but I think they're also a bit of a distraction. Time to focus.... focus in on only a few things, and sit the other stuff aside. That's my goal for the rest of the month. Let's see how that ends up working out.

I'm going to make a vlog about this too... because this really, I think anyways, works as advice for the whole "Be A Better YouTuber" Vlog as well.

EDIT: I have now. here: