March is the month of #TryPod, where people who love podcasts share the love and attempt to get new people into podcasts. With that in mind, I'm gonna share some of my latest subscriptions (I know y'all already into podcasts but I'll share some podcasts you might not be into yet and claim half a point ;) )


- Screen Testing: Films meet software testing; a concept I'm so jealous of it's untrue. Episode two is out this week I beleive so it's the perfect time to get started!

- Super Testing Bros: A name I'm insanely jealous of. Two episodes out at the moment and the second one has a cornecopia of guests from CAST17!


- Rabbits: The latest offering from the team behind Tanis/The Black Tapes. Only one episode in, and I'm still on the fence to be honest but I have high hopes for this one. Decent atmosphere and I love plotlines where cult meets the internet and dark web. 

 - The Strange Case of Starship Iris: Two episodes in, and this has got me hooked.  It's set after an intergalatic war between humans and aliens, with espionage, smuggling, and mystery.

Other non-fiction

- Missing Richard Simmons : Fitness guru Richard Simmons dropped off the face of the earth 2 years ago, and this Serial-esque show is trying to figure out why. I admit, I was worried this would be overly exploitative. At the moment it seems like it comes from a good place, but there's an undertone there I think.

- All In The Mind : Not new, but new to me. An Australian podcast that delves into the mind, from Dissociative Identity Disorder to Faceblindness. Accessible, short looks into the world of the brain.

Share some podcasts with the hashtag #TryPod this month and lets try to grow our podcast family. Share your new podcast loves in the comments!