Hey, guys! Hope you had a great Fourth of July - I spent mine as far away from fireworks as possible and did some recording, which I'd love to share with you, but my laptop crashed and I can't get it to share from the phone apps that I'm using. I'm looking into solutions; in the meantime, I'm doing everything through my iPhone right now, so *hooray* for the cloud. Some new tunes are hitting and word is that the long-gestating solid body MIDI dulcimer project is in the final stretch, so I picked up a Roland GR-55 from Sweetwater; three easy payments. If it weren't for your tremendous support each month, I wouldn't be able to swing this, but it was put in the budget of acquisitions and when the time was right, the funds were there. THANK YOU! This time next week, I should be playing a symphony orchestra through the Folkcraft FX-1. As soon as I can figure out how to share these song files, I will. For right now, I'll tease with this Music Memo page for "The Spirit In Me." I think this may be my next big tune. Catch up with you soon and, again - thank you!