#TSP009 - Thomas Turgoose
How the devil are you? Good week? We hope you're well and looking forward to EPISODE 9 of The Two Shot Podcast. We're thrilled that we can bring you a conversation with the one and only Thoms Turgoose! 

Craig & Producer Griff were all set to jump in the motor with the mics to meet Tommo in his home town of Grimsby but, an actors schedule is never set in stone and all three of us managed to meet for brew and a chat in London just before Tommo was heading to a premiere. Yes, it's a shorter than normal episode (BOO!) It is however a very open and honest chat and very entertaining (YEAH!). 

We cover Loads with Tommo; education, grief, support, partying, commitment and building bridges. We cover so much in our short time together it actually felt like a normal length episode... We here at TSP are very proud to have had a sit down with the lovely Tommo. He's a proper gent, not to mention an honest and top
top actor. We hope you enjoy. We certainly did. 

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