TTRPG Content Creator License Agreement

Oct 18, 2021

This post only concerns TTRPG (Tabletop Roleplaying Games) content creators and other Patreon pages. This absolutely doesn't apply to personal games, nor professional dungeon masters (the DMs who are paid to run games for players).

Modifications may be made over time, as new situations, platforms and content types appear. Modifications won't be retroactive and you'll be notified.


The license is perpetual (unlimited in time), that means if you unsubscribe, the license still holds for the elements you released during the time you were subscribed and respectful of the conditions herein.

The license is non-transferable, meaning if you run the Patreon pages called "Best Maps" and "Sci-Fi Maps", you'll have to subscribe with each of them. Naturally, if you rename any of your pages, the license still holds. What matters is the link between the said page and mine.

The license doesn't allow you to rework the pieces. However, you can apply basic alterations such as cropping or changing the volume. If you have a specific need, we can collaborate or you can commission me. 

The license is not retroactive by itself. If you want to add audio to older maps, modules and projects, please head over here and get a retroactive validation (one-time purchase, starting at 50$). You only need to purchase it once and it works for any number of projects. You need an active membership on Patreon too.

Naturally, you don't need a license if the ambience is part of a collaboration with me.


In both tiers, you have to credit me. My name is well-known in the TTRPG milieu, so it's always a good plus for you to mention you have my audio in your work.

The credits must be added :

  • On the Patreon releases
  • On the shop pages for the product (with links to patreon and/or my similar shop page such as the bazaar)
  • In the FoundryVTT modules (journal page by example)
  • (Optional but appreciated) On some promotional images along with my logo and/or name if you mention the presence of AUDIO. You can get the logo here.

The credits must lead to my Patreon page or to the official website, when possible.


You can share a limited number of ambiences, songs and music per scene or map in a module, depending on your tier. They must serve a narrative or contextual purpose.

What I mean is that you cannot add ambiences to bloat the amount of content artificially. To give an example, if you share a map of a desert, you can add the ambience of a desert, but you cannot add the ambience of a desert temple, a sandstorm, a caravan, or an oasis 'just in case' the DM wants to add one.

Phased maps (FoundryVTT Content) count as different maps.

AUDIO can only be added to content behind a paywall of some sort. You cannot distribute free content with my work in it. If you want to do that, you need my written permission beforehand.

The AUDIO can only be added to content that is released within the same month of an active membership of the correct tier.

The Bandcamp albums must be downloaded separately, as Patreon cannot be linked with Bandcamp.

Types of content

This license applies to :

  • FoundryVTT modules released through Patreon, Bazaar
  • Animated maps (videos)
  • Possibly other elements. Contact me by email or through Discord.

This license specifically doesn't apply to :

  • Kickstarters, Podcasts, Livestreams, Series, Movies, Music Composition, Sound Design

15$ Tier rights : Sage

Can use (from Bandcamp albums)

  • Modern Vol. 1
  • Sci-Fi Vol. 1
  • RPG Essentials 1-2

Can use (from Patreon)

Usage limits per map

  • One ambience
  • One song

35$ Tier rights : Chosen

Can use

  • All ambiences (except for 6 commissioned pieces labelled as "RESTRICTED FOR ALL")
  • SFX
  • Music

Usage limits per map

  • Three ambiences
  • Two songs
  • 5 SFX


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