TTRPG Safety Toolkit

 Last week Kienna and I released the TTRPG Safety Toolkit to coincide with the panel we did at Forest City Comicon. Kienna and I are both very passionate about safety tools and how to use them effectively at the table and we wanted to create a centralized place to find these tools.

Right now the Toolkit includes the Safety Tools Quick Reference Guide, (which goes briefly through a few of the most popular safety tools) printable XNO cards and a folder of links to other tools and resources that we couldn't mention on the toolkit. This is something that we hope to add to and update as more tools and information are made available.

Kienna and I are opening to do more panels at other cons, both the 101 panel we did at FCCC, that will introduce people to basics of safety tools, and a more "advanced" panel forpeople who are more familiar with safety tools, which will discuss more about creating an environment in which people feel comfortable using the safety tools in the first place. We've also had requests for translating the quick reference guide and short videos on topics about safety at the table.

I have a patreon goal that will allow Kienna and I to put more money into the toolkit. This can be used for translators, expenses related to making more content for the toolkit (videos and updating the guide, for example), and even convention expenses so we can keep giving the panel.

If you like the toolkit and want to support its growth, supporting Me and Kienna on Patreon is one of the best ways to do that!

If you wanna share the Toolkit around you can use the link

Much Love,

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