Tucson (Arizona) - In Another Minute (Week 284)
Jumping back in time... to autumn in Arizona, which I can only describe as summer since it was 100 degrees in October there! Yikes. 

If you want to read more about this desert city and my trip to visit my friend Jess Grotfeldt, check out the full post: http://movingpostcard.com/tucson-arizona/ 

For those of you who keep track of my posts. My plan had been to share classic episodes going backwards from the first one I had posted here on Patreon. But I realized that I was about to share a bunch of videos from winter in Colorado. And who really needs to be reminded of winter right now? I don't. Summer seems to be nearing its end much too fast already (especially since it's been rainy for 2 weeks here). So I decided to skip back to fall 2015. Lots of summer videos coming your way...