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Tudor External Adapters Released!
Ok, a whole heaping lot of stuff went out this morning.

Today's release is for the Tudor external adapters.  These pieces are humble, but they tie together the external set, making it much much easier to build any structure you want.  There is both a basic and cross beam set.

Second, I finished moving the Tudor external walls to the new style.  Go check out the basic, basic variations, cross beam and cross beam variations.  Now on to updating the window tiles.  I probably won't update the door tiles, since they aren't going to be used on an exterior wall of a building on the second story.  If you want me to fix the external doors up, let me know, but they don't seem to be critical.

Finally, the pace I've been on since I started this project is catching up to me.  I'm going to drop back to 1 release a week for a while, because I'm barely managing to get the releases out. This week, I finally bit off more then I could chew and blew the deadlines entirely.  With it being a rush to get two releases out every week, it's a lot harder dedicate myself to the more creative pieces (say like the bread oven). By slowing down some, I think that will have a positive overall effect on the quality of what I produce.  I'm leaving for vacation today, so there won't be a release next week.  If any of you happen to be in NYC for the World's Maker Faire, I'll be there both days this weekend enjoying the geekery.

As per usual, let me know what you think in the comments below. 

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