I shared this on Facebook today after the sudden death of my dear friend, Tuesday. It relates to the book so I thought I'd share it here also...

"It's a new day and Tuesday is still dead. That's how dead works. Dead is dead - nobody gets to come back from dead. Benjamin Linus said so in LOST, so it must be true. I've been pushing the envelope on it this year, though. Might have found a loophole.

We, the abandoned and discarded babies of the late 60s and 70s, often are attracted to each other. I wrote about this in my book....

"Those kids were born to the rebels and writers and artists. Those kids were born to the free spirits and the 'loose women', and as a result, a great number of them were by their very nature, artistic, free-thinkers...or just bat shit fucking crazy. Either way I learned there's a kinship amongst the adopted. Especially the ones who grew up feeling like they never belonged to anyone, or anywhere. We are the real-world equivalent of Pan's Lost Boys."

Tuesday was kinda the Pan in the equation. We lived hard and fast in the 80s and 90s, most of us settled down. He never did. He just kept collecting these Lost Boys who had no one else and created a new family. One that was loyal and would protect each other. Like a lot of families it was kinda fucked up and dysfunctional. Like me, T had real abandonment issues. So he created dependency issues for many. Me included.

Family is never perfect but, other than my children, he was the closest thing to family that I had.

And now I don't. T's still dead. Dead is dead."