Tuesday was our first 

The Sun allowed us to watch it set

Some form of peace surrounded us 

We were bottled up by cloud of serenity

As we sat in his father’s truck 

With a gap between us 

Though I would have loved to sit right next to him

Look into his eyes with his looking into mine

But I kept looking aside

My heart was a heavy beat

In the uncertainty of what had been going on in my head for days

Sensing the chemistry brewing

Could it be mutual? 

In the minutes spent 

I knew I wanted to spend more time with him

I wanted to experience more sun sets in his presence

At some point I got lost in my head

When he took my left hand into his

Looking at his hands, with well-manicured nails

They were soft and looked like a mystery

I imagined them taking me places 

Letting them craft an art on me

He would be the sculptor and I his stone

Tuesday was our first

Yet it seemed I have been with him for years

In real time it had been only a month